Rehearsal Critique Session Guidelines

Brian Simpson

Here are the guide lines for the So Say We All rehearsal / critique sessions.

1) Read your story out loud to yourself before the critique session. You’ll catch a couple gimme errors that way and save us some time in session.

2) Bring 2-3 copies of your story to the session and be prepared to take notes on the feedback you’re going to get.

3) Be prepared to give and take feedback. Everybody is going to be expected to give feedback on every story read. You can’t say ‘yeah, it’s cool. I liked it…’ Not good enough. At the very least you can remark on something you liked about it and something you didn’t like. Something that caught your attention and a moment where you found yourself drifting. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up if there was something about the story that seemed off, confused you or just didn’t sound right. Even if you can’t pinpoint exactly what the problem was it will help for the writer to know and somebody else at the circle might be able to add to what you had to say.

Conversely, when it’s your turn to read you’re going to be expected to take the feedback like a champ. Some of it might be harsh. Some of it might dramatically alter the way you tell the story but just understand it’s for the best. We’re all working together to put on the best show possible.

While feedback is being given, the reader doesn’t talk. This is to keep the session moving and also to help the reader get the straightest most unadulterated feedback. The reader will be expected to take notes on the feedback given. They can ask any questions they have at the end.

4) Please be prepared to stay the whole time. Session usually go from 7-10pm but sometimes later. We understand there will always be exceptions and reasons people have to leave early, but it does suck for the people that read towards the end of the session that don’t get the full breadth of feedback that could be available to them.

5) Come to the critique session with an open mind and ready to meet new people. Somehow in the middle of it all we always manage to have a good time too.