Say hello to Ryan Bradford from The Foundry No. 1

The Foundry is our new reading series, launching very soon on April 5th at Soda and Swine Liberty Station.

As tempted as we are to keep these readers to ourselves (in little jars on a shelf because they’re so precious), we also want you to love them too. So here. We’re sharing them a little bit. Up next? Ryan Bradford.

bradfordRyan is the author of the novel Horror Business, as well as the founder and editor of Black Candies, a journal of literary darkness. He is the winner of Paper Dart’s 2015 Short Fiction Contest. His writing has appeared in Vice, Monkeybicycle, Hobart, New Dead Families and [PANK].

We think Ryan’s work is dark, sometimes absurd, and often weirdly sweet. We love the way he uses masterful and subtle elements of the uncanny and horror in his writing, and also the way he endears you to a questionable character. Check out one of our absolute favorites of his stories, The Contortionist, published in New Dead Families.

I have another joke about how any joke could be a werewolf joke if there’s no full moon.

“Undress me.”

I did. Greta’s clothing slid easily off her fragile, elongated frame, much to the relief of my shaky hands. This sort of thing never happened back home.

She wore black underwear, with a garter belt to hold up her stockings. Lingerie on anybody but her—she wore it like a uniform. I looked over to the large windows that showed Greta’s apartment to the thousands of other windows floating in infinite darkness. Above it all: a sliver of moon. A horrid fingernail clipping. I moved to shut her drapes.

“Leave them open.”

Come join Ryan to hear what else he has in store for you, as well as the rest of our hot-af readers, Adrian Van Young, Lizz Huerta, and Lauren Becker, at The Foundry No.1 at the Liberty Station location of Soda & Swine.

It’s gonna be fiery.