Sound Revival wants your noise

As part of Art Boxed San Diego and Fall for the Arts, a team comprised of Mike Calway-Fagen, Keenan Harsten, Ben Strauss-Malcom and Justin Hudnall (So Say We All) have received a grant to create the Sound Revival exhibition. Utilizing a Portable On Demand (POD) storage container as a temporary sound proof recording studio, the collaborative will broadcast a unique series of radio programs interspersed with recorded and found audio of the sounds that are slipping from our world–90’s dial-up modems, a grandmother’s message left on an answering machine, the howl of endangered animals. The public can experience the audio programming live at the listening center, a 256 square foot platform separated from the POD by a plywood wall, or via live streaming online.

So Say We All wants you to contribute to the project by sending us the sounds that matter to you! Send us anything–and we mean anything–in mp.3 format and we’ll add it to our loop of revived sounds to play continuously between live events.

Sounds can be submitted here:

Opening Night Information:

ART BOXED SD will open in conjunction with Friday Night LIberty at NTC
on Friday October 5, 2012 – Starting at 5pm – 10pm

Opening night will also feature Food Trucks, FREE Open Artist Studios, Galleries, and Music Performances
2640 Historic Decatur Road, San Diego 92106