SSWA Radio Episode #3: “Occupy!”

SSWA Radio has been revived and revamped by the strong and steady hands of Dallas McLaughlin (you may have heard him from one of his night jobs as DJ on FM94.9,) Sam Wiles and Sam Carr. It’s re-debut episode lands on the theme of “Occupy!” as the Occupy San Diego movement transitions from downtown to port shut downs and other incarnations, Time Magazine names “The Protestor” as the person of the year, and organized economic unrest promises not to be going away any time soon. Enjoy, subscribe via i-Tunes, and welcome Dallas on-board our little ship of populism!


Dallas McLaughlin
Rob Deez
Sam Wiles
Sam Carr
and a whole bunch of Occupiers.

Please be patient for podcast to load, our servers be slow. The man is trying to keep us down.