SSWA Radio episode #1: “The Computer Age”

Episode #1: “The Computer Age” (1:00:05) 29mb

SSWA Radio’s inaugural show pays homage to the technology that made it possible by packing an hour full of stories, songs and poems about the wonders, horrors and unforeseen side-effects of living in the digital age. It shall unfold at the tips of your mouse-clicker!

“Hey, Jude” – Jonathan Standifird
“Dispatches From the Office” – Jake Arky and Kevin O’Connor
“Information Wants You To Be Free” – Nico Pitney
“The Computer Age” – Rob Deez
“Gold Farmers” – Sam Carr
“The Rise of Lunaestris” – Justin Hudnall
“Man and Machine” – Jonathan Standifird
Produced by Justin Hudnall
Original music by Nathan Asman