Support (storytelling by) the troops!

After months spent working on this enormous project in near-secrecy, there’s no better way to say it than this: We haz made radio. Incoming: stories from the lives of America’s veterans told in their own words, straight from their own mouths, is the proudest accomplishment we’ve had to-date as the storytelling organization of choice in San Diego. Growing from our free veteran writing workshops and forthcoming book by the same name, Incoming is the product of a collaboration with San Diego’s public broadcasting hero KPBS, bringing you true stories from American veterans beginning Friday May 15th at 12:30pm on 89.5FM in San Diego and Imperial Valley, as well as and our website.

But wait: we still need your help! Our goal is to put an entire season of Incoming on the air, the entire book in audio form, as well as continuing to provide Veteran Writers Workshops, and all the other programs we use to support San Diego’s literary and storytelling community (The VAMP Showcase, Greenroom Writers Workshop, Long Story Short, Black Candies, The Radvocate, and more, more, always more!) So if you love what you’ve heard so far and want to make the dream happen, please, give and get all your friends to give to So Say We All’s mid-year fundraiser! We’ll be seeking your support throughout our run on KPBS, highlighting a new episode each week for  four weeks, until our goal is met.

We want to take the time right now to thank the people who have made this incredible opportunity possible. Firstly, the multitude of veteran writers out there whom we are honored to work with and publish. Their stories, talent, and bravery both in their service and their narratives raise the bar for us all and we strive to meet it.

KPBS–and Program Director John Decker in particular–who took risk and initiative in calling upon us for this collaboration, deserves enormous praise for investing in the voices of local artists, and we are incredibly grateful for their endless support and assistance in breaking into a medium hitherto unexplored by us. Viewers like you rock, so hard.

And finally but not by any means least: the multitude of volunteers, teaching artists, and Board Members who give endlessly to keep So Say We All the machine that it is, providing any one with a story a means to tell it and tell it better.

Embrace democracy in action: support the arts non-profit that supports you and give during So Say We All’s mid-year fundraiser.