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Tenley Lozano

After graduating from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 2008, Tenley Lozano spent five years as an officer in the US Coast Guard. During her tenure, she worked in the engineering department on a ship that patrolled the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver to the equator. She then attended Navy Dive School and spent two years as a diver. She is currently working on an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Sierra Nevada College, has a day job as a ship design engineer, and spends weekends backpacking with her dog. She lives in Oceanside, California.

[photo credit: Matthew Baldwin]

Gary Gould’s VAMP: Wedding Season Story, SPLIT

To say that volunteer Gary Gould has been our lifeline lately would be an understatement. Not only has he produced several VAMPs this year, but he is also currently producing the partnership showcase with San Diego City College, taking place October 15th at the downtown library, and co-producing this month’s VAMP: 4 AM. We love the way he empowers the storytellers he works with to get to heart of their stories.

And, AND! He wrote and performed this lovely, funny, and poignant story, “Split” in our June VAMP Showcase: “Wedding Season.” Gary’s story was recently picked up and published by SPEED. You can read it here. Were you at the Wedding Season show? It was a phenomenal night, full of vivid stories and we kind of went through the emotional ringer together, didn’t we?

Banana Splits, it read, a support group and ice-cream social for students with divorced parents. That’s me, I thought, that paper is talking about me. Were there other kids who felt like me?  Who wanted to talk about their feelings and eat ice cream? Could Banana Splits be the answer to all of my problems?

Read his story, and then come and see the fruits of the work Gary has been doing with the writing community in San Diego this month. Congratulations on the publishing credit, Gary, and way to make us proud.


(image: Speed Literary Magazine)

Jen Stiff’s VAMP Story “Your Wife Has A Beautiful Pelvic Region” in XOJANE

We laughed, we cringed, and some of us had to step outside to get some fresh air, but we LOVED Jen Stiff’s story from August’s VAMP: Red Flags. And we are not alone: Her piece was picked up by XOJANE and, lucky you, you can read it here.

We are proud. So proud. Way to go, Jen!

When the nurse practitioner peered into my cervix with her spelunking headlamp, she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness. That’s the tiniest little cervix I’ve ever seen. But don’t worry. I’ll get that sucker up there.”


Jennifer Stiff, letting us all up in her business, at our August VAMP

April 2012 Opportunities for Artists

Brothers and sisters in arts: passing on some interesting opportunities for artists. Hope you take advantage of them and we see your work flourish.

Jeff Sharlet

The Jeff Shartlett Memorial Award for Writing has announced opened their contest. Deadline is June 15.

The Urbanist’s Pizza Parlay, a crowd-sourced micro-grant series for local artists of all disciplines, is accepting proposals on a monthly basis. This month’s deadline is April 21st.

STUDIO C Contemporary invites you to its first open call for submissions for the Between Symbol and Metaphor Exhibition.

The world is inundated with signs and symbols. Yet, symbols are not simply visual data- they have the potential to open doors to possibilities that lie in deeper realms of interpretation. Metaphors, on the other hand, are more subtle and not-so-readily available to grasp. Yet, they are often the ultimate goal of the artist- to create new meanings that are elicited outside of the mere visual stimuli that a work of art presents. The show, Between Symbol and Metaphor, will focus on art that comes as a result of the energies inherent in both symbols and metaphors as potent engines for creation. We invite artists with contemporary art practice to ponder on the relationship between the two and to submit work that reflects dimensions of meaning that reside in both.

Between Symbol & Metaphor will showcase the various ways in which symbolic and metaphorical are imbedded in art production.

Find more information and the application form on the right side of the main page after scrolling down.

That’s all for now, we’ll post more as we find them.

I love you,

– Justin.

Call for submissions: Modern Mythologies at MOPA

SSWA Presents: Modern Mythologies at MOPA

In collaboration with MOPA and in complement to their upcoming exhibit, “Unusual Suspects: Paintings and Photographs by Holly Roberts,” So Say We All presents Modern Mythologies at MOPA: artists performing their stories about real life crossing so far into the surreal, magical and otherworldly that the tales are worthy of folklore.

We’re looking for very professional pieces that showcase life as stranger than fiction, 5-10 minutes in length when performed. Longer pieces will be considered on merit, but stories need to not waste words.


As open-ended as this prompt sounds, we’re expecting family history tales, stories of supernatural-seeming coincidence, moments when it feels like your life was scripted by a omniscient writer in the sky… you get the drift? To toot my horn, one example would be a story I did last year about horrible and random coincidence among my grandmother’s people in Arkansas.

Here’s the quote from MOPA (San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts): about their Holly Roberts exhibit:

“Experience the fresh, fearless world of Holly Roberts at MOPA with Unusual Suspects: Paintings and Photographs by Holly Roberts. Featuring 23 contemporary pieces, created from 2006 to 2009, Unusual Suspects will delight, inspire and inform through the deeply layered narratives carefully woven by Roberts.Roberts’ compelling work is influenced by the people and experiences of her immediate surroundings blended together through a rich mixture of painting, photography and collage that pays tribute to imagination, ritual and fantasy. Roberts draws inspiration for many of the pieces found in Unusual Suspects from her time spent in the southwest, where Roberts still resides today, and her unique exposure to the allegory and traditions of the Native American culture of the region, resulting in images that challenge most definitions of the photographic medium.”

Please review Holly Robert’s work here for a deeper reference: http://www.hollyrobertsstudio.com/

Deadline: March 1st
Performance: March 15th @ MOPA (Balboa Park)
Artists must be available to perform.
Pieces should ballpark at about 5-10 minutes but longer and shorter will be considered on merit.

September Artist Spotlight: $unny Katz

We couldn’t be happier to have MS Paint maestro $unny Katz illustrate our September VAMP poster: The Games We Play. Yep, you heard us: MS Paint.

A little about yourself:

My name is $unny Katz, I am 27 years of age and I really hate writing bios. My interests include, but are not limited to, anime, video games, babes, babes that buy me things, and glitter. My non interests include, but are definitely not limited to, fuckery, people that grab at my tattoos, dry skin, loud chewing, and close talkers. I prefer to lurk in the shadows and under the cover of night. This is because the day star is hot and burns my delicate skin. The irony that I am named after the object I try to avoid is not lost on me. I have a lot of cats and I am always ready to swap cat tails. (LOL, GET IT????)

What’s your fascination/history with MS Paint?

I started playing around with MS paint around ten years ago. I don’t remember what I drew, but I am guessing it was probably something with bunnies and dicks. In my twenties I started using it at a more frequent and consistent rate. I really liked how it made whatever I was drawing a little bit shitty. I myself being a little bit shitty immediately identified with that property. Most of my drawings are things that I have done for my own enjoyment and for the horror everyone else. Which in turn brings me yet more enjoyment.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever painted?

Hands down MS painting my father as a Jewish rapper was the greatest achievement of my artistic career.

What kind of inspiration did you use for “The Games We Play”?

THE BLOOD OF NEWBORN CHILDREN. Oh, sorry! Wrong questionnaire. I pulled inspiration only from my own gaming background. I thought about trying to incorporate other games that might interest people outside of my own person, but then I realized how much I didn’t want to do that.

Signed, limited edition prints of $unny’s poster will be for sale at this month’s VAMP on September 29. Also, check out her blog and let her know she does amazing work.

Cathrine Jamie Wilcox

A 2004 graduate of the University of Utah’s Actor Training Program, her credits there include Gin in The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek, Francis in Stags and Hens, Doug Schmidt in Execution of Justice, and Riddler in A Hard Heart.  While attending the University of Utah, she wrote and produced two one-act plays, including With You, which was expanded into a full length play. Recent credits include a reading of the one-woman-play My Name is Rachel Corrie for Utah Contemporary Theatre and Truvy in Steel Magnolias. She is a children’s drama teacher for the Youth Theatre at the University of Utah, and has been accepted to The Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London to pursue her MA in Applied Theatre, Theatre in the Community and Theatre in Education.

From Jamie: Thank you to my wonderful family, amazing friends, and my very own little drama queen and favorite person on the planet, Aidan. Special thanks to Jake Arky, the Mouritsen Family, Sam Wessels, Corinne Penka, Cassandra Stokes-Wylie, Ryan Mouritsen and Eric Price.

Scott Allen Curry

Long time friend, first time collaborating artist with So Say We All, Scott Allen Curry continues to expand minds and hearts with what can be done on an ordinary piece of blank stage. A musical theatre performer and director, Scott is a graduate of the High School/Academy of Performing Arts in Huntington Beach, California. Across the country, Scott has been seen on stage with various comedy improv troupes — Knock Your Socks Off (KYSOff), Quick Wits, HomeBrew, The Hook — before founding 3.2 Improv & Theatre with Jake Arky in 2003. The ensemble went on to win the 2004 Slammy Award for Best Improv Troupe. Musical theatre directing credits include “Lucky Stiff” (2004), “Zorba The Greek” (2006), and “Cabaret” (2007) for Wasatch Theatre Company. He was last seen on stage as Tolstoy, the homicidal puppet bat, in the musical “Hands Up” (Starry-Eye Puppets) and on screen in the indie film “The Tale of Don Giovanni: The Indomitable Hipster”. Scott will be producing theatre on the West Coast again after finishing his third year as the Theatre Arts Teacher at Washington Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah.