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Long Story Short: Balls, Saturday 2/20

Long Story Short is our monthly improv storytelling night. 5 minute stories, no notes, and anyone can take the stage. “Balls!” is technically our tie-in with the next month’s VAMP: Sports! but we’re pretty sure you might have some, um, non-sports related stories for┬áthis theme. Balls, tell us all about ’em.

Sign up when you get there. Or halfway through the show. Or just come to listen!

So Say We All’s Long Story Short
Saturday, February 20th
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Ink Spot
San Diego Writers, Ink
2730 Historic Decatur Rd #202
(NTC at Liberty Station, Barracks 16, upstairs)
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 696-0363

This is an excellent opportunity to get your storytelling feet wet in a fun environment. It’s also an opportunity to flesh out a potential VAMP story on a similar theme to the upcoming submission deadline. The deadline for written story submissions for VAMP: Sports is Sunday, 2/28. So come tell your story, see how it rolls [lol sports analogy, we win], and maybe write it up and try out [lol sports] for VAMP?

Because balls.