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Announcing Black Candies: Surveillance

So Say We All is pleased to announce the publication of Black Candies: Surveillance.

Black Candies is our literary journal dedicated to evolving and advancing the beloved horror genre. Each edition is themed, with special editorial attention paid to soliciting works from new voices, many of whom have published previously in other realms.

black candies front cover

We’re never alone. Paranoia has replaced privacy. Secrets are the new currency. The strangers who watched from the street now watch from within. For our third issue of Black Candies,  we found 11 smart, terrifying stories that explore the theme of “Surveillance” in explicit, implicit and abstract ways. These stories not only touch on the contradiction of the securities of our modern era, but unearth the deeper terror, paranoia, and anxiety that results.  

Edited by Ryan Bradford, and featuring fiction from: Angus McIntyre, Valerie E. Polichar, Julia Evans, Gabriela Santiago, Melissa Gutierrez, Berit Ellingsen, Jake Arky, Matt Lewis, Chris Curtis, Kevin Sampsell, Ron Gutierrez, and Wade Pavlick.

Purchase Black Candies: Surveillance at Amazon here.

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Brian Krans in San Diego

Brian Krans, Bay Area author of the book Assault Rifles & Pedophiles: An American Love Story, is bringing his book tour to San Diego! The Radvocate magazine & SSWA are teaming up to present this very special reading show. Come on down to The Hideout to hear excerpts from the book as well as readings from local authors Ken Leek, Tiffany Tang & Anthony Muni Jr.


Come Celebrate the Publication of Giving the Finger

Giving the Finger Poster

Capt. Scott Campbell, Jr., Star of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch comes to San Diego Friday, April 11 at 7:30 Join Capt. Scott Campbell, Jr., star of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and San Diego author Jim Ruland for a book singing and Q&A at 3rdSpace (4610 Park Blvd San Diego, CA 92116) to celebrate the release of their new book, Giving the Finger: Risking It All to Fish the World’s Deadliest Sea (Lyons Press, April 2), Ruland and Campbell (who goes by Junior) will engage in a spirited conversation full of salty tales about his life as an Alaska crab fisherman. Books will be available for purchase and a signing will follow.

This event is just one of two scheduled appearances, anticipates the April 22 premiere of the new season of Deadliest Catch, and is free and open to the public. Giving the Finger tells the story of Junior’s adventures at sea before he joined the cast of Deadliest Catch. The son of a crab fisherman, Junior had to work extra hard to convince his taskmaster father that he had what it took to brave the long hours and brutal conditions of the Bering Sea. Then he learned the hard way that his father wasn’t kidding: during the course of his career he’s run his boat aground, decapitated part of his finger, and lost a member of his crew during a freak accident. But Giving the Finger is more than a seafaring saga. The book explores the storms he faced at home both as a child growing up poor in the Alaska wilderness and in his rocky relationship with his wife, whom he married and divorced multiple times. Whether he’s describing his successes at sea or his failures at home, Junior tells his stories with surprising earnestness. Foreword Reviews, writes “To fish the Bering Sea in January is scarcely short of suicide—equal parts insanity, courage, and incurable love of the water. A Deadliest Catch star, Campbell Jr. writes as well as he fishes, and that’s saying something.” Giving the Finger will appeal not only to fans of Deadliest Catch but to anyone who draws inspiration from stories of ordinary people who overcome incredible hardship to become successful. Scott Campbell, Jr. aka Junior grew up in Walla Walla, Washington. Junior first started salmon tendering with his dad when he was four years old and has been crab fishing since he was sixteen. The captain of the F/V Seabrooke has been a member of Deadliest Catch 2010.

Jim Ruland is a veteran of the Navy, author of the short story collection Big Lonesome, and host of the reading series Vermin on the Mount, now in its tenth year. Ruland is the recipient of an NEA fellowship and was the grand prize winner of Reader’s Digest 2012 Life Stories Contest. Tyrus Books will publish his debut novel, Forest of Fortune, later this year. 3rdSpace is a modular, dynamic hub of creativity and connectivity, where the coworking experience is complimented by unique events, workshops, and discussions in a relaxed, conductive and fun environment that will redefine how you work, play and find your inspiration. 3rdSpace has been the San Diego home of Jim Ruland’s irregular, irreverent reading series Vermin on the Mount since 2012.

Giving the Finger: http://www.lyonspress.com/giving_the_finger-9780762791316
Deadliest Catch: http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/deadliest-catch
Scott Campbell Jr. on Twitter: @CaptScottJr
Jim Ruland: http://vermin.blogs.com/bl
Vermin on the Mount: http://verminonthemount.com
3rdSpace: http://3rdspace.co
For more details, contact Jim Ruland at verminonthemount@yahoo.com

Last Night on Earth gets a website and a write-up in Tor

Our book, Last Night on Earth is teadily gaining momentum. In fact, we decided that the book was growing too big for the regular So Say We All site, so we made it its own home over at: lastnightonearth.sosayweallonline.com (deep breath). Over there you can get more information, such as: How can I buy Last Night on Earth? Where can I read Last Night on Earth? And who are the authors are responsible for this unique book? 

In case you missed it, we also got our first review, bestowed upon us by the very kind, very nerd-friendly Tor.com. Special thanks to Ryan Britt, who reviewed it and quite possibly gave us the best pull-quote:

” And if the end of the world does approach, and I’m inexplicably given time to prepare for it, I hope I’ll be half as eloquent, and real as this collection of writers.”

Also, if you’re a member of Goodreads, please be so kind and add Last Night on Earth to your shelves.

Once again, thank you so much for your support.