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Long Story Short: Co-Producer Wanted

Calling all San Diego lovers of stories: we are looking to fill the volunteer role of a co-producer for our monthly improv storytelling show, Long Story Short. You’ll work with our current producer, David Latham, as well as So Say We All’s staff and the very hospitable crew at our host venue, San Diego Writers, Ink.

Long Story Short is every third Saturday of the month, at 7 PM.

We are looking for someone to help perform the following tasks:

  • Arrive early to help set up the event space, and return it to its classroom state at the end of the show (or applicable set-up/tear-down in alternate venues)
  • Maneuver merchandise, and beverages to and from the venue the day of the show, as well as any extra equipment
  • Help manage door donations, merchandise and beverage sales, and the sign-up list
  • Spread the word about Long Story Short
  • Select themes for 2016!

Optional duties that would be rad:

  • Willingness to co-host, if desired
  • Ability to help design theme-specific posters for social media and/or print

This is a volunteer position and we will love you endlessly. Come join us and help other people get their stories out in the world. You are your story.

To throw your name in the hat, please contact Julia Evans using the following form:

Gary Gould’s VAMP: Wedding Season Story, SPLIT

To say that volunteer Gary Gould has been our lifeline lately would be an understatement. Not only has he produced several VAMPs this year, but he is also currently producing the partnership showcase with San Diego City College, taking place October 15th at the downtown library, and co-producing this month’s VAMP: 4 AM. We love the way he empowers the storytellers he works with to get to heart of their stories.

And, AND! He wrote and performed this lovely, funny, and poignant story, “Split” in our June VAMP Showcase: “Wedding Season.” Gary’s story was recently picked up and published by SPEED. You can read it here. Were you at the Wedding Season show? It was a phenomenal night, full of vivid stories and we kind of went through the emotional ringer together, didn’t we?

Banana Splits, it read, a support group and ice-cream social for students with divorced parents. That’s me, I thought, that paper is talking about me. Were there other kids who felt like me?  Who wanted to talk about their feelings and eat ice cream? Could Banana Splits be the answer to all of my problems?

Read his story, and then come and see the fruits of the work Gary has been doing with the writing community in San Diego this month. Congratulations on the publishing credit, Gary, and way to make us proud.


(image: Speed Literary Magazine)