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Help The Far East win Good Magazine’s Art Everyday Contest!

Dear Ones,

So Say We All is launching a campaign to win Good Magazine’s Art Every Day contest for The Far East Project and we need your votes! We’ve only got until March 30, so vote and rally your friends and please, please repost on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

You can find our Good Magazine page and vote here: http://arteveryday.maker.good.is/projects/fareastproject

Thanks so much for your help in making San Diego a city we want to live in!

– Justin Hudnall

San Diego Foundation’s Rising Arts Leader grant funds education and outreach to San Francisco for SSWA

Thanks to the Rising Arts Leader grant awarded to So Say We All this year by the San Diego Foundation, I’ve been able to start taking a series of courses relating to non-profit management at the prestigious Foundation Center in San Francisco. These are crash courses in everything from non-profit sustainability to developing donor relations to grant making workshops. My head swims every time I leave, but it’s an awesome experience to learn from veterans of huge organizations like Oxfam, and I’ve already begun applying some of what I’ve learned toward managing and fundraising for SSWA and it’s already yielding results.

Incidentally, while I’ve been up in the bay area, I’ve had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of some of the masterminds at McSweeney’s and Voice of Witness. They’re awesome folks and I’m optimistic our organizations will be able to collaborate at some point in the future.

None of this would have been possible without the funding and support of the San Diego Foundation though, so on behalf of myself and So Say We All we’d like to send out a big thanks to to them and all they do for the arts particularly Meryl Zwanger and Felicia Shaw.

Cheers, and here’s to a year of more enlightened management at SSWA!

– Justin Hudnall.