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The Greenroom: “Too Much Information”

This month’s free writer’s workshop focuses on the increasing danger of being overwhelmed with information, useless knowledge, misleading facts, and ending up worse off than were we uninformed. As always, the theme comes in advance of next month’s VAMP, so come with nothing but your pen and paper or bring a story you’d like to workshop. We promise to talk slowly.

The Greenroom: “Too Much Information”
7:30pm – 10:00pm
Imperial House
505 Kalmia Street – Directions
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 234-3525

March VAMP: “Too Much Information”

Overwhelmed by information, over-sharing by strangers, struggling to separate the crucial from the useless, and severely in danger of experiencing too much to ever be happy again, we bite from the tree of knowledge and jump head first into a show about how being well-informed can leave us clueless.


– David Tran
– Kevin Patterson
– Nathan Say
– Sam Carr
– Jessica Standifird
– John Polak
– Nathan Young
– Happy Ron Hill

VAMP: “Too Much Information”
Thursday, March 31stth
The Whistle Stop – Get directions
2236 Fern Street
San Diego, CA 92104-5431
(619) 284-6784
Free like information wants to be