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October VAMP: “Scared Sh*tless! (vol.5)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday October 5th.

So many things divide the human race and make us different, but at our core we all sleep, eat, and–unless we live in a bubble paid for by a trust fund of helicopter parenting shelter–fill our pants from terror at least a couple times in our lives. It’s good for us. Puts life in perspective. If we survive.

For 5 years in a row now, stories of thrill-seeking, mortal danger, adrenaline rushes, terror, pranks, and other varied and open interpretations of the theme make everyone’s October feel really really Octobery down at the VAMP Showcase.

October VAMP Showcase: Scared Sh*itless (vol.5)
Oct 30th, 2014
8:30pm – 10:30pm
Whistle Stop Bar (21+)
2236 Fern St. (30th& Juniper)
San Diego, CA 92104
$5 suggested donation


City College VAMP Showcase: “Borderlines”

The multimedia storytelling VAMP Showcase comes to the students of San Diego City College on Thursday, October 16th, featuring ten phenomenal students performing original works and their varied interpretations of the theme, “Borderlines.” Come see the next generation cut their jib!


Brenda Barajas
Saman Biglari
Stoney Billedeaux
Michael Billingsley
Brandi Carver
Elmi Hufane
Marisa Mancillas
Halima Mohamed
Adam Stone
Zenia Torres

City College VAMP Showcase: “Borderlines”
Thursday, October 16th 2014 @ 6pm
SDPL Central Library
330 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-5800

wild kingdom poster

September VAMP Showcase: Wild Kingdom

After literally years of being asked, threatened, and begged to do a show about animals, behold. September stories are about the cute little bags of murder we call our cats, the dogs we’re never quite sure are all there, and all the other animals that have made our brief little lives on this planet so much weirder.

Lauren Marie Fleming
Leon Dekelbaum
Jen Stiff
Jessica Ripper
Becca Schuh
Ali Ernst
Andrew C. Rempt

September VAMP Showcase: Wild Kingdom
Sept 25th, 2014
8:30pm – 10:30pm
Whistle Stop Bar (21+)
2236 Fern St. (30th& Juniper)
San Diego, CA 92104


2015 VAMP Themes Announced

Ermahgerd! VERMP THERMS!

It’s that magical time again when SSWA’s Production Committee comes together to cast aspersions upon the public and one another’s ideas for future show ideas, and in defiance of all logic, we managed to agree to disagree to agree on this as our 2015 VAMP Showcase season lineup. As always, all themes are open to interpretation, so get writing now!!!

2015 VAMP Themes

January – “Crime Pays”

February – “Dirty Talk”

March – “It’s Always The Quiet Ones”

April – “Mass Transit”

May – “Parasites”

June – “Wedding Season”

July – “Fanboy-syndrome”

August – “Red Flags”

September – “The Way It Never Was”

October – “4am”

December – “Seasonal Affective Disorder”


Give us your ideas for 2015’s VAMP themes!

It’s that magical time of the year when we start plotting the upcoming VAMP Showcase season, and we want your help: if you’ve ever thought of a great prompt or theme for a VAMP Showcase, send it our way! It can be anything you feel would generate a good quantity of stories from a decent section of the population (read: not too narrow, like a show only for plumbers.)



August VAMP Showcase: Neighborhood Watch

Submission deadline: August 3rd. Submit at http://www.sosayweallonline.com.

Open as always to unforeseen interpretations on a theme, August features stories about the Neighborhood Watch, whether its literal tales about the self-appointed protectors of the block, run-ins with wannabe cops, experiences with or as the Outsider that disrupts “normalcy,” or any other take on the take. Send in a story. We’ll be keeping our eye on you.

August VAMP Showcase: Neighborhood Watch
Aug 28th, 2014
8:30pm – 10:30pm
Whistle Stop Bar (21+)
2236 Fern St. (30th& Juniper)
San Diego, CA 92104


July VAMP showcase: Hair (No Really, This is a Show About Hair)

You’ve got it on your head, in your ears, between your legs, and you’ll spend more time and money fussing with it in your lifetime than you probably will teaching your kids how to not be douchebags. Statistically speaking. So let’s all come down round the proverbial campfire this July and give the follicle its due. Stories about hair, any kind, any where.

Whistle Stop Bar

2236 Fern St (30th& Juniper), San Diego, California 92104
$5 suggested donation