Submission achieved!

We’ve received your work and look forward to reading it. If, for whatever reason, your piece is not selected, please don’t be disheartened! Keep submitting. I founded So Say We All and serve as its Executive Director, and I’ve been rejected from several shows. It happens. Sometimes the work needs more perspective, sometimes another story is accepted into the same show that is too similar in theme, and sometimes there are a million other reasons, every month, a writer can’t account for.

We review submissions blindly, without knowledge of the submitter’s identity, so the strength of the work is the only factor being judged and judged fairly by a panel of your peers when it is  being reviewed by folks who have been selected by this very process to perform with So Say We All in the past. Once you’re selected, you may be asked to serve on that panel of judges yourself. This is all to say: never stop writing. We’ll never stop wanting to read your work.

Now that you’ve submitted, please consider becoming a supporting member of So Say We All by making a donation now in any amount you feel comfortable with. Even $5 a month helps us keep doing what we love doing: building opportunities for local voices to connect with audiences here in San Diego and abroad.


As always, thank you for helping us make San Diego a city we want to live in. We’re so happy to get to know you.

Best, Justin Hudnall
Executive Director, So Say We All