“The Far East” wins Creative Catalyst Grant

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The San Diego Foundation has named Justin Hudnall, Executive Director of the literary arts collective “So Say We All,” one of 15 artists to receive this year’s Creative Catalyst Grant and a share of the $285,000 fund. With the guidance of the sponsoring organization, San Diego Writers Ink, Hudnall will lead a team of artists in the creation of “The Far East,” a year long project that will create a people’s history of East County by soliciting stories, conducting interviews and researching the region’s history. The final product will be published as a book and presented as a performance at venues throughout San Diego county. Submissions of stories relating to experiences in East County are welcome through the So Say We All website at sosayweallonline.com until April 1st.


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  1. I was editor of the Daily Californian and just came across an insert we did for the 100 year celebration. It includes history of the paper and El Cajon. Would you like a copy? Contact me at the email above. I would be happy to help in other ways, if you need writing or editing.

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