The Foundry #2: Almost here!

The Foundry, our fiery new literary reading series, returns Saturday for an evening of readings from some amazing writers. We are looking forward to hear Scott McClanahan, Juliet Escoria, Uzodinma Okehi, Jim Ruland, Jean Guerrero, and Aaron Burch read to us, Saturday, 7/30, 7:00 PM at Tiger Eye Hair in Golden Hill. It’s gonna be smokin’.

Over the past month, we’ve featured these writers here on our site, and we hope you enjoyed getting to know them, browsing their work, or reading some interviews.

Here’s each feature in a handy list.

PEN/Fusion Prize Winner Jean Guerrero reads at The Foundry No.2

Aaron Burch Reads at The Foundry No. 2: An Interview

Uzodinma Okehi reads at The Foundry No.2

Juliet Escoria Reads at The Foundry No. 2

Jim Ruland Reads at The Foundry No. 2: An Interview

Scott McClanahan reads at The Foundry #2

That’s the round up! It has been a joy to work with these writers to prepare for this reading: not just talking to them about their work and running interviews, but actually reading their brilliant writing. It’s been a killer binge-read sesh. We really look forward to sharing all of this with you. Hope to see you tomorrow, Saturday 7/30 at 7:00 PM at Tiger Eye Hair, 811 25th Street, Suite 105 San Diego. Bring your people. Show ’em how we do lit in San Diego.


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