The Foundry: There’s a new reading series in town (AND IT’S US)

The Foundry No. 1 is coming up in two weeks! Join us as we launch this fiery new reading series at Soda and Swine in Liberty Station. We can’t wait to show these writers off to you. They’re pretty much the hottest things ever. Come join us.



Adrian Van Young
Lizz Huerta
Lauren Becker
Ryan Bradford

Adrian Van Young is a writer living in New Orleans. His debut novel, Shadows in Summerland, comes out on April 12, 2016.

Roughly based on the real-life story of William H. Mumler, spirit photographer and his clairvoyant wife, Hannah Mumler, Shadows in Summerland immerses the reader in a shifting world of light and shade where nothing is quite what it seems at first glance. A soaring and resplendently Gothic novel spanning three decades, it is as much an homage to the Golden Age ghost stories of Edith Wharton and Henry James as it is a companion to the revisionist historical epics of Peter Carey and Sarah Waters, with a little steampunk all its own.

An excerpt from Adrian’s novel also appeared in the 2013 edition of Black Candies: See Through.

Soda and Swine in Liberty Station has a full menu and a full bar. All ages. Our reading will take place beneath the stars on their lovely (and firesome-table-topped) patio.

More details on the Facebook event. Invite your people: