“The Great Infection” by Syd Rae

the best part about good drugs is that laughing and crying aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive…and because this is true…the drugs that make an appearance throughout the whole of your life are the ones that cause this effect. drugs like this make you remember your friends front lawn, your brothers volvo station wagon fishtailing, the missing alcohol in the cadillac liquor cabinet, playing magic on the bus back home, techno in the kitchen, lines in the schools dark room, antique shot guns in the trunk of your boyfriend’s car, lanterns on a cliff, fireworks on water, the cabbage casserole of your friends immigrant parents, launching apples with black holes in them into your neighbors backyard, pissing yourself and walkin’ into twigs anyway, fucking in front of your friends, and the people who made sure that you made it through the nite anyway….the I can’t feel my legs please help me….the I’m scared to death just hold me and keep driving past my house….the relief you feel when you finally get to lay in your own bed again; sniffing, the recollections of recollections of faces in wood, rusty hands on metal, of knowing you’re goddamn worth it…staring at the dust in the sunlight.

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