The Radvocate #15 is here!

It’s here. The Radvocate #15.

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The newest issue of our literary magazine, featuring art, fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, is here, and, on a bittersweet: it’s the last issue with founding editor Matt E. Lewis at the helm. Here’s what Matt has to say about this issue and his move:

This latest issue is filled with the kind of expression we believe in, a bold vision in a field where it is so difficult to stand out from the crowd. As the founder, I can think of no better time to step away from The Radvocate and pass on the duties to the phenomenal editor, writer, and person, Julia Dixon Evans. Far from being disinterested or tired of creating The Radvocate, I rather feel it is the most responsible option to allow a thing to grow when it is strong enough to stand on its own. …To have a project survive beyond my involvement is something I am extremely proud of.


What you hold in your hands now is a result of the support of you, the reader, and people like you who believe in things that shouldn’t work, but do. I dedicate this issue to you, and all those that would fly in the face of convention, one goofy Xerox at a time. Stay rad.

The Radvocate Issue Fifteen features poetry, short fiction, and essay from Marisa Crane, Amanda Tumminaro, Philip Kuan, CL Bledsoe, Nicole Martinez, Kevin McCoy, Cat Dixon, Brett Morris, Kathleen Langstroth*, Toni Martin*, David Henson* (winner of the 2017 So Say We All Literary Prize in Fiction), Linda M. Crate, Donna Zephrine, Elaine Gingery, Steve Tague, Nolan Hutton, Gerardo de Jesus Gurrola Jr.*, Pat Douglas McNeill II, Craig Evenson, Pouya Razavi*, Lucy Palmer, Yvonne Higgins Leach, Alex Bosworth, Jed Wyman, and Skyler McCurine.

(* indicates a finalist for the 2017 So Say We All Literary Prize in Fiction)

The issue features art by Laura Gwynne, a very rad cover by Matthew Revert, design by Keith McCleary, and the editorial guidance of Matt E. Lewis, Julia Dixon Evans, Marco Cerda, Anthony Martin, Ryan Bradford, and Leesa Cross-Smith (judge of the 2017 So Say We All Literary Prize in Fiction).

You can buy your copy right here or find us at our tent at the San Diego Festival of Books in Liberty Station on Saturday, August 26th (10-6) or at VAMP: Happy Meals on August 31st at Whistle Stop Bar (8:30 PM). Stay tuned for an official release party!

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