The Radvocate Fourteen: Coming Soon!

The Radvocate #14 is almost here. We’re pleased to announce the publication date of this fine literary magazine: September 6th. Stay tuned for teasers, where to buy your copy, and details on our upcoming release party and reading.

Featuring work from: Karl Sherlock, Joe Baumann, John Vanderslice, Anthony Martin, Jamie Sullivan, Meggie Royer, Caroline Taylor, Emily Green, Scott Sherman, Laura Preble, Allyson Whipple, Sara Morrison, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Janet Joyner, Eric Raymond, Lois Harrod, Dania Brett, Harley Lethalm.

Cover Art: Matt Parchinski

Editor: Matt E. Lewis

Welcome to the fourteenth issue of The Radvocate. What started in 2011 as a poorly-xeroxed cry for artistic solidarity in the form of a zine, morphed into an open-sourced platform of expression. A like-minded community of artists was formed: poets, authors, artists, photographers, columnists, videographers, journalists, and many more joined together from all over the country to make the eclectic issues a reality. In those flimsy paper copies, the soul of The Radvocate was forged, an irreverent but proud spirit which carries on to this day.
We can’t wait for you to enjoy this literary magazine. It’s a great and mighty book.


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