There is no, “them”

So Say We All is not something that somebody else is doing. We are a community of people trying new things, taking chances, showing each other story by story how much we are alike, as much as we are different. To keep our outstanding performances, publications and workshops going, we ask you to consider a donation to our summer campaign.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve either been part of one of our shows or know someone else who has. You know that when someone gets involved in a So Say We All performance, they work closely with people who have a lot of experience with writing and performing; coaches who offer the tweaks and insights that turn a good story into something outstanding.

You know that So Say We All respects talents but reveres hard work. You know that everyone in the So Say We All community stands by our credo that every person has a story, and that it’s by hearing those stories that we understand what it means to be human. You know that the stories on our stages are at least as good as anything Hollywood or New York put on offer. You know we can do a lot more.

With our August campaign, So Say We All asks you to consider what it would look like to set and exceed goals that measure up to the quality of what we — you — have been doing these past five years. We love San Diego, but what if we could reach through other media to audiences someplace else? What if we had our own theater? What if our staff included educators, coaches, editors?

The very first step is to make this a future we all support. This isn’t something someone else is going to do, just like it isn’t someone else telling your story. Please think about what So Say We All has meant for you personally, and please consider making your gift today.

Thank you for all you’ve done, by coming to our shows, buying our books and sharing our stage. This organization takes its shape from the voices it supports and the audiences who come with us — beyond entertainment and into community. We are grateful for the future we’ll all help to build.

– So Say We All’s Board of Directors

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