VAMP: Animal Control submissions due June 5th

Have you ever wanted to tell a story on our stage? We want that for you too. We hold your hand through the entire process. If your story is accepted for the show, you’ll be paired with a writing coach to provide editorial feedback, and you’ll attend a group critique session with the other storytellers in the show and the fine, brainy as hell producers, and you’ll also be matched with a performance coach.

Our next show? ANIMAL CONTROL. The animal show is always a doozy.

They’re our best friends and our most frightening nightmares. We share this planet with many creatures and even though they don’t know how to build skyscrapers or develop smartphone apps, animals still very much shape our reality in many (sometimes ridiculous) ways.

Tell us the stories about the non-humans in your life.

Submission deadline: June 5th

VAMP: Animal Control
Thursday, June 30th
8:30 PM
Whistle Stop Bar
2236 Fern St
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 284-6784
$5 suggested donation