Opportunities for veteran artists

Please please forward to any veterans or veteran groups you feel would be interested, especially if you’re an educator:

  • Let’s get you published: the window to submit your drafts to So Say We All’s 2014 veteran writers anthology on the theme of, “Homecoming,” is now open! We’re looking for non-fiction and memoir that interpret the theme however the writer sees fit, and please remember that once you submit, we work with you for an entire month on top of that, so don’t worry about waiting for perfection, send us your first drafts! We want an honest portrayal of the homecoming experience from a gamut of voices, so yours matters here. For serious.To submit, breeze over to our submittable page here: https://sosayweallonline.submittable.com/Submit. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ATTENDED SSWA’S WORKSHOPS TO SUBMIT, ALL VETERANS ARE WELCOME. It’s also a good idea to check out our website if you haven’t already so you can get a broader sense of what we do, watch videos of our past performances, etc.: www.sosayweallonline.com. DEADLINE: September 1st!
  • If you’re a visual artist, here’s your break: In conjunction with So Say We All’s call for literary submissions for its forthcoming anthology, the Veteran Arts Project (VAP) has launched a call for work from veteran visual artists. These works will debut at several library branches throughout San Diego, in conjunction by readings of new work from our veteran writers (read: you.) Check that out here: http://sandiego.communityguides.com/opportunities.
  • Travis-Manion Foundation is offering a Mentorship and Advocacy Program for veterans. Deadline to enroll is August 31st! Apply here: http://www.travismanion.org/mentorship-advocacy-program-for-veterans-application-for-enrollment/
  • If you’re an Oceanside-based Veteran Writer, keep that fire burning and get yer buns over to the Veteran Writers Group-SD, who hold monthly read n’ critiques, and from whence many of our cohort came. VWG-SD is a fantastic group and we’ll support them anyway we can: http://www.veteranswritinggroup.org/.
  • If you’re in San Diego, visit www.sosayweallonline.com and come to one of our Greenroom Writing Workshops. It’s pretty much the same beast: an opportunity to meetup with other writers, tell stories, free write, get feedback, and find ways to get your words out there.
  • And lastly but not leastly, keep your eyes open for forthcoming e-mails about masterclasses by veteran writers, provided to you free-of-charge. We’ll be sending out the dates for that as soon as we schedule them here in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for your interest, sharing your stories, and for making this community thrive!


Justin Hudnall