Volunteers wanted: SSWA Teen Summer Camp Community Build!

If you’ve got a guilty conscience and want an opportunity to prove you’re on the side of righteousness, here’s your chance! This Saturday So Say We All is partnering with Space 4 Art to help build a temporary school facility on its grounds that will house our Teen Writers Workshop and upcoming Teen Summer Arts camp with Father Joe’s Village.

A permanent facility will be built later in the year, but in the meanwhile we need a place to put all these talented and hormonal teens who would very much like to make their art in the shade rather than while exposed to the blazing cancerous rays of the sun. And you can make this very reasonable dream come true by coming down to Space 4 Art for one or both of our build segments, 10am – 2pm or 1pm – 5pm, and pounding some nails into some boards!Food and drink will be provided and the guiding hand of our volunteer architects will show you exactly how to do the very basic but essential things we need done. It’s a good ol’ fashion barn-raising, y’all! (Except it isn’t in Kansas where they have no civil liberties.)Please tell all your friends to come on down! Many hands makes the load grow light!Volunteer Community Build
Space 4 Art
325 15th Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Saturday, July 7th
10am – 5pm (try to come either at 10am or 1pm to have the most impact)
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We love you!