Incoming is a series of publications, live storytelling performances, and radio / podcast programming that provides a forum for veterans, veteran families, and foreign nationals who’ve worked with the US military to tell their own stories in their own words. We solicit non-fiction and poetry nationally, while drawing heavily upon our own Veteran Writers Division. Every book you buy helps So Say We All provide veteran writer workshops, masterclasses, additional episodes of the Incoming public radio program, and more books. Thanks for your support!

Incoming: Veteran Writers on Returning Home
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Incoming cover

As the inspiration behind the radio series of the same name, this beautiful paperback anthology contains true stories from veteran and active duty writers across the US and its bases abroad, told in their own words, straight from their own mouths, on the topic of returning from deployment and transitioning back into civilian life. At times poignant and darkly humorous, the wit and insights of these voices are an important and well-wrought addition to a conversation we all need to be having. Your purchase of the book not only helps So Say We All continue to produce the radio program, it helps the contributing writers spread their work, and if you gift it for a veteran or a family member of a veteran you know, we hope it will speak to them as well.


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