So Say We All is a literary and performing arts non-profit organization whose mission is to create opportunities for individuals to tell their stories, and tell them better. We achieve this through three core priorities: publishing, performance, and education.


There are a flurry of experimental, one-off, and collaborative shows throughout the year, but only two occur every month like clockwork: The VAMP Showcase, and Long Story Short. Both storytelling showcases that revolve around a changing monthly theme, open to participation by anyone; the former involves the written word performed with multimedia accompaniment, and the latter a no-notes / off-the-head / out-of-the-mouth adrenaline rush.


SSWA Press works tirelessly and with ink-smudged fingers to publish original anthologies,  experimental collectivist novels, and more that contain the works of San Diego-based emerging writers alongside nationally recognized authors. Learn more about our catalog and upcoming submissions opportunities.


Free creative writing and storytelling workshops available to the public, programs for populations without access,  teaching artists available for corporate or private functions, partnerships with social service providers, the Veteran Writers Collective, and all sorts of good stuff to shake out the stories we would all be a lot better off hearing more from. Learn more (get it, because it’s about our educational programming? That qualifies for a pun, right?)

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